What is the yellow leaf on the mangrove plant called? Sacrificial leaf

When did hurricane Hugo impact St. Croix? Sept. 17, 1989

Identify three new species of birds that were not on St. Croix prior to Hurricane Hugo. White Crowned Pigeon, Spotted Ibis, Brown and Red Footed Boobie

In 1997 the EPA took a core sample of Salt River Bay. What did they discover? Molasses

How many snakes live on St. Croix? None

What was responsible for eradicating St. Croix of all the snakes? Mongoose

Identify the two tribes of Indians that occupied St. Croix prior to Columbus. Arawak and Taino

What tribe of Indians invaded the Arawak and Taino in the 1300’s? Carib

How many ships did Columbus have under his command? 17

When did Columbus discover St. Croix? 1493

Which nation ruled for the longest period of time? Danish approximately 150 years

When did the USA purchase the Virgin Islands? March 31, 1917

Today, March 31 is celebrated as….Transfer Day